You've been Flairmingoed!
Better Pay or the Birds Will Stay!
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The Flairs Booster Club and it’s Flock of Fairmingos are performing at not-so-random locations on their national tour. They may be in your yard as we speak. Good-luck or Bad-luck? Only you can be the judge. One thing for sure, at some point those delightful birds must continue on their tour. 

The Fairmingos are performing to raise funds for the Fabulous Falcon Flairs. The tour bus returns on Thursdays and Sundays! If you would like them to return to their tour sooner please email our Flairmingo Agent and the tour bus will return ASAP. A nice donation might just speed up the bus.

We hope you enjoyed the Flairmingos’ performance. If so, please make a charitable donation to the Fabulous Falcon Flairs by using the “Donate” button on this page. Remember, Flairmingos have to eat too!

A $50 Flock Insurance™ payment will guarantee that the Flairmingos do not perform in your yard again this year so that others may enjoy them. You can even request the flock be sent to perform for a friend if you like. Just put their name and address in the note part of the donation.